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Udäv Krit simplifies your beauty routine by using innovative ingredients, formulas & applications. Premium products that are 100% vegan. How to choose & how to use, made easy with Udäv Krit.

Udäv Krit is a new vegan beauty brand inspired by the NordicsYour beauty search & routine simplified with our beauty heroes. Why use 10 products, when you can use 5? As a brand we want to give your beauty routine more impact with less steps because we don't necessarily believe in long or complicated beauty routines. Fewer but more powerful products and ingredients, as the Scandi lifestyle prescribes. 

Get your beauty fix with our curation of beauty essentials. 

We do not only want you to look good, most of all we want you to feel good. Be your best self without feeling overwhelmed when creating your beauty routine. Both our curated selection as our minimalist packaging cut out the noise & break down the essentials for you.

Udäv Krit sets the trend for a clean beauty routine. 
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What you need, whenever you need it. 

For Scandinavians less is more, and performance is key, that’s why Udäv Krit offers a fine selection of products that are easy to use with versatile benefits. Forget about a 10-step beauty routine. We focus on makeup staples: the ones you can use every day, that will give you a casual glow, but also products you can build up easily if you want to. Udäv Krit believes in streamlined routine with less products but multi-use products.


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